Emails & Notifications

  1. I have not received any email from Vodski since I have posted my business

If you have created a business account with Vodski, we will have sent you some notifications to confirm a few thing. If you have not received these be sure to check that the email you have provided us with is correct, and that the emails we have sent you have not gone into the junk folder. If you have checked this and still not found an email from us, please contact the Support team so they can resolve the issue immediately.

  1. I receive too many emails from Vodski, can I edit my email preferences?

Once logged into your Vodski account, in the Account info section you will see an email preferences tab, from there you will be able to change your email subscription preferences.

  1. Will Vodski distribute my email and other personal information to third parties?

Under no circumstances will Vodski pass on or sell any of your information to any third parties. We take the security of Vodski users very seriously and we work around the clock to ensure all of your information is safe and secure.

Business Profile

  1. My business logo appears to be distorted, how can I change this?

The Vodski review team will do their best to correct a logo before they publish your profile, however on some occasions they will not be able to fix the image. In this instance you are advised to re-upload you company logo with dimensions of 200×200.

  1. Can I remove the advertisement from my business profile?

Yes. Removing the advertisements which appear on your profile can easily be done by simply upgrading to a Plus account. Then, from your dashboard you’ll have the option to toggle the advertisements on and off.

  1. How many images can I upload to my gallery?

As many as you wish. All the images will need to be reviewed by the reviews team and this may delay how long it takes to publish your profile.

  1. I have added my business to Vodski but I can’t seem to find it on the website

Your business profile will not be published right away. Hundreds of businesses create a Vodski profile each week, with each profile having to be reviewed and approved by the Vodski reviews team. This process is usually completed within just a few hours, however the process can be delayed if your profile is particularly large or if Vodski is experiencing high traffic.

  1. How can I get my business profile to rank above everybody else in Vodski search results?

We use sophisticated algorithms to determine the ranking of your business in our search results. The main factor in determining where you rank is the amount and quality of the content on your profile. Businesses with more images, longer descriptions and accurate information will often rank higher than businesses with less content. Businesses can also gain an advantage over their competition by upgrading to a Plus account. This will mean your business will appear in the top results whenever the category your business is in is searched for.

  1. My business page was not approved by the Vodski reviews team

In the event that your business page was rejected, we advise that you contact the Vodski team and they will inform you of the reasons why it was rejected and assist you in getting it published.

  1. I put my website in my description but the reviews team removed it

Vodski only allows Plus account members to post their website link onto their profile.

  1. I’d like to post my business page onto my website, is there and easy way to do this?

Yes. We have a handy linking guide (which can be found here) which will take you through each step so you can post your business page onto your website quickly and easily.

  1. My business appears on Vodski even though I did not add it myself?

Vodski allows its users to enter the basic information of businesses they love. If you have found your business on Vodski it means that one of your customers has put you there. The review team will do their best to ensure the information is accurate before publishing your business, however if you do spot an anomaly all you need to do is claim that business and you’ll be free to add a description, a gallery and a whole host of other information to make your business stand out.

  1. How do I claim a business on Vodski?

If you go to the business page which you want to claim, the will be a ‘claim business’ button location below the business icon. Once you file the claim, the Vodski team will review the claim and accept it when they are indeed satisfied that you are the business owner. From there you will be able to expand on the information in the listing and provide a description, add a gallery and much more.

  1. Some information on my business profile appears to be inaccurate, how can I change this?

If you created the profile from scratch all you need to do is go into the business editor from your dashboard and you’ll be able to edit any of the details as you wish. If you would like to change the details of an unclaimed business on Vodski, all you will need to do is claim the business, verify that you are the business owner and then you can make the changes. Alternatively you can submit a support ticket to the Vodski team and they will deal with your request.


  1. Can I write my own reviews?

You will be able to review other businesses, yes. It is however illegal for business owners to represent themselves as consumers when discussing their own services or products. All reviews which are proven to be fraudulent will be immediately removed.

  1. What can I do if I receive a bad review?

The best thing to do if/when you receive a bad review is to outweigh it with positive ones. Encourage your satisfied customers to go to your Vodski profile and leave you good reviews.

  1. How can I encourage people to review my business?

Simply put, tell them. The businesses on Vodski with the most reviews are the businesses that constantly direct their customers to their Vodski page to leave them positive feedback. Occasionally people will leave a review on your businesses page out of the kindness of the hard but the best way to make an impact is to tell them about Vodski.

  1. Can I respond to reviews?

Not at the moment. This is a feature which we feel is a very important one and we are doing are best to ensure it is implemented as soon as possible.

  1. Can I remove reviews?

If there is a review which you think may be fraudulent, please contact Vodski support. As soon as your claims are verified they will remove the review for you. The Vodski support team will not remove bad reviews for the sole reason that they are negative.

  1. Does having reviews on my page increase my ranking on Vodski searches?

Yes. Having more reviews will increase your rank in search results.

  1. Will I be notified if somebody leaves a review on my business page?

Yes. As soon as a review is published on your listing, you will receive a notification email from Vodski

Accounts & Payments

  1. Can I swap payment plans?

Yes. If you pay a monthly subscription and are looking to change to an annual subscription or vice versa our team will be able to deal with you request for you. Once everything is agreed upon, your current plan will runs its course and then the new plan will automatically be implemented.

  1. Can I have multiple business profiles under one account?

Yes. Any user with a basic account can have as many basic business profiles as they like. If you’d like multiple premium profiles under one account, please contact our team and they’ll be happy to assist you.

  1. Can I downgrade my account?

Yes. If you are a Plus account holder and want to downgrade to a free user, please contact our support team and they will handle your request.

  1. I don’t have a PayPal account, how can I pay you?

We will still use PayPal. PayPal does not require you to create an account to make a payment.

  1. Why do you need PayPal verification for the free trail account?

As a security measure, we use PayPal verification for free trial accounts to ensure that a business cannot claim a free trial on more than one occasion. We can guarantee that no payment will be taken from your account within that free 30 day period and that you will only be charged should you wish to continue with our service.

  1. I have forgotten my password, what can I do?

All you need to do is go the login page and select ‘Forgotten your password?’. Follow the on screen instructions and you’ll be back into your account within minutes.

  1. How can I change my password?

If you are looking to change your password all you need to do is login to your account, and under the account preferences tab there will be the option to change your password.