Vodski isn’t your typical business directory. We are a network. We are a community. We separate ourselves from your standard directory by doing things differently in every aspect. Our aim is to make your experience, whether you’re a business owner or a customer looking for great businesses, as easy, painless and as worthwhile as is possible.

Unlike other websites, Vodski is not only designed to look good but also function impeccably too. Every business that adds their profile to the Vodski network will have their profile manually reviewed and also optimized for search engines so you can be found all over the web. We also provide guides and tutorials so you can truly get the most out of Vodski and let us do the hard work of finding customers for you.

Despite all of this, most of the work behind the scenes is to ensure Vodski is incredibly easy to use. Many websites tend to make everything hard, especially when it doesn’t need to be. With Vodski finding businesses is easy and if you’re a business looking to join, the whole process is fast, seamless and more importantly; simple.

The Vodski team is dedicated to offering an extremely high level of service. Our team reviews all content on the site, this also includes ensuring all businesses on the site are legitimate, all of their images and descriptions are of the highest quality and also free of spam, guaranteeing the best possible experience for the user.